I have no sympathy for these people in Keene. The police aren’t using unnecessary force. This isn’t Ferguson, get over yourself. 

You think tear gas and rubber bullets is a necessary response to a bunch of kids throwing beer bottles? Really? Fuck you, get over yourself you little child.

"A bunch of kids throwing bottles"? These kids were overturning cars, starting fires, throwing anything and everything they could find, invading and trashing peoples’ backyards. 30 people were injured and 20 more were taken to hospitals. This isn’t a bunch of kids letting loose, it was hundreds of drunken privileged a-holes who were hurting people and causing mayhem at what is usually an event families attend. Furthermore, the police did NOT use excessive violence and not one cop shot a kid. So YEAH, no sympathy for these entitled d-bags who weren’t protesting for a good cause, they were just causing destruction. I hope every single one of them gets arrested.

You sure that no kids got shot? You sure? Because I know people who go to Keene State and one of the people I know got shot with a rubber bullet.

It started as a party. The cops showed up and, in their asshole-ish manner, decided to use their authority with excess and—shocker—it pissed everyone off. Hence, rioting. Hence, more police brutality.

My family was literally there. They literally saw it happen. If you really think that the media reports are fully accurate I have some bad news for you my friend.

Why is it necessary force when it’s white people but unnecessary force when the perpetrators are black?

But yeah, you’re not racist at all.

Bruises, you really are moronic. The residents of Keene, who participated in the riots, where not fighting for a cause like the residents of Ferguson were. The drunk college kids were upset that the police arrived to end their party, so they rioted. The people of Ferguson were rallying for liberty, justice and the truth. Maybe learn the facts before you open your mouth next time.

Pictures from my trip to Chicago on October 7th, 2014.

I don’t think I’m lonely … I don’t have a problem connecting with people. My issue is connecting with myself. If I am not really committing myself to that, then it’s better that I don’t have a different person. What stops us is we’re kinda really ugly if we look really hard. We’re not who we think we are. We’re not as wonderful as we think we are. It’s a little bit of a shock, it’s hard … Not to diminish a relationship with a woman but I can’t take care of another relationship if I can’t take care of the things I really need to take care of the most. It’s not a selfish thing, it’s just sort of an obligation.

Bill Murray on remaining single (x)



October 11:

1975 – Live from New York …. it’s the very first episode of Saturday Night Live! The inaugural Saturday Night is hosted by George Carlin with Billy Preston and Janis Ian serving as musical guest

A look back at our very first show! Here’s George Carlin’s opening monologue.


Hilarious Tim Conway skit from The Carol Burnett Show. (The laughter is live, folks.)